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Domestic Energy Products provides energy saving devices for domestic properties, our shop supplies our own products such as Boiler Optimisers that can improve the operation of domestic boilers resulting in savings of 10% or more ovver a heating season, as well as other products such as Smart Thermostats to use with modulating boilers.

The Domestic Boiler Optimiser

Reduce domestic heating and hot water bills by up to 10%+ in an average British Winter.
An updated, fully tested version, of a well proven design of an established Commercial Boiler Optimiser. Redesigned using modern technology to reduce the fuel consumption on Domestic Boilers, be they new or old boilers, gas or oil fired. A Boiler Optimiser
suitable for all known types of Domestic Boilers.


  • Electric and Electronic Conventional Design Boilers.
  • Electric and Electronic Fully Condensing Boilers.
  • Electric and Electronic High/Low Flame Type.

The Domestic Boiler Optimiser is designed to work with the boiler. lt is not capable of choosing or setting a Max temperature on the boiler thermostat, but it is capable of adjusting the lower switching point on the thermostat to control when the cooling ends and the next firing period starts. Boiler Thermostats are normally a fixed devise that are designed to operate at a specific Delta 'T', example if a top temp of
7Oc is chosen by the house holder, the cooling period may end at a water temperature of 63c. The boiler has no idea how long that is going to take because it has no knowledge of the building’s thermal performance.

The Domestic Boiler Optimiser is constantly measuring the flow water temperature from the boiler and by delaying the time when the next firing period would normally begin, without impacting the heating affect on the building. The Optimiser also monitors return temp to ensure required heat is always available.

DBO Features

  • The Domestic Boiler Optimiser is equipped with a built in Wi-Fi unit, to remotely transmit the fuel saving reports achieved by the DBO.
  • The DBO is equipped with a 100 year time chip, that stamps time and date of test.
  • The DBO is equipped with 4 off LED lights that display what the DBO is doing at all times.
  • The DBO is powered from the boiler and is fitted with a manual switch that will completely disable the DBO for boiler servicing or troubleshooting.









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